Citrus Crescent Rolls

Earlier this year, I spent about 3 days in Paris.  I made about 3-5 stops everyday to pick up a “snack” to make up for the short time I had.  I made sure I ate all the baked goods, crepes possible and loved every bite. As usual I gravitated towards all the savory crepes, but

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Blackberry Galette

Isn’t it oh sooooo pretty?!?!  I love making galettes!  Main reason why I love it so much, there are no rules when it comes to making galettes.  I kinda feel like a little girl making arts and crafts with playdoh.  Time and time again, I will catch myself humming while making the folds… haha.


Sausage Rolls

Get cuffed this season…. here’s how: Go on your first date, rocking your most “casual” look. Go on the second/third date, make him laugh and get invited to game night at his friend’s. Show up with a container full of these piggies……. Enjoy cuffing season. You’re welcome 🙂