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I found this gem of a place about 7 years ago.  I still remember going there on a snowy February evening.  There was a blizzard in New York, so I left work early and decided I NEEDED some French food.  Cafe Champignon…. it was love at first bite and has been my go to French Spot since then.

Champignon, the Bistro, is right next door to Champigon Cafe, the bakery that serves amazing breakfast sandwiches.  It’s got beautiful outside seating for warmer weather.  The inside is cute and cozy with candle lights at night.  The food here is always consistently well prepared.

More than anything the people at this place are just so warm and welcoming.  My 5 year old nephew wanted nothing but chicken fingers that day, which wasn’t on the menu.  So I asked our lovely waiter if there’s anything similar to chicken fingers and to our surprise, he said I can ask the kitchen to make something for you.  We couldn’t be happier.  He took the order from my nephew and got him some chicken fingers with a side of fries.

I give this cute little bistro a 4/5

Here’s what we had:

My sister and I had some fried calamari as a starter.  The calamari was perfectly fried, soft to the bite on the inside and crunchy on the outside.


My nephew loved his Chicken fingers and hand cut fries…. with loads of ketchup 🙂

Chicken fingers

 Shrimp Scampi Pasta had more than enough large shrimps, which makes a seafood lover smile 🙂  It was lemony and light.  Another great thing about Cafe Champignon is that their portions aren’t small.


Hanger Steak was cooked just right, perfect medium rare.  An added delight?…. their fries are amazing, I can eat endless amount.

Cafe Champignon

I’ve had just about everything on the menu at this place and I keep going back for more.  Another great dish to get at Champignon is the Champignon Ravioli; Champignon means mushrooms in French, so the ravioli is kinda their signature dish.  It is truly amazing, but a bit too heavy for me so I can never finish.  Their mussels is another must have.  They serve a huge portion for only $14 and make sure to ask for some extra bread because you’ll definitely want to soak up all that amazing broth.  Another recommendation is their duck, it’s superb.


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