Middle Eastern Roasted Chicken and Eggplant

I love a One Pan meal. I mean how can you not?… one pan means less utensils to use, less stirring to do, and the biggest obvious…. less dishes to wash! It’s awesome! The only thing better?…. Sheet Pan Meal!! No watching over, little to no stirring, and in my opinion, everything just tastes awesome

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Bengali Masoor Daal (Red Lentil)

 I’m sure you know by now, from my recipe list on the blog, lentil is an essential in my kitchen. It is quick, hearty, healthy and it’s delicious. Another huge reason why I love this ingredient is that it’s super healthy. Part of the legume family, lentils have a ton of health benefits….


Broiled Sumac Chicken w/ Pine Nuts and Onion

This middle-eastern inspired chicken dish is sweet, from the caramelized onions to the raisin and cranberries, also savory with the cumin and coriander… it’s also got the citrusy aspect with the addition of lemon juice and Sumac.   All in all, this Sumac Chicken is guaranteed to wow your taste buds!