Onion Tart

Soooo… it’s a random Thursday evening and I’m alerted that we are having guest over…. NOW!  Before I could say who/what/when… I hear the buzzer going off.  Urrrrgghh! Times like these, I always go semi-homemade.  I also almost always go with pre-made puff pastry…. as my sister says “it is your knight in shining (egg-wash glistening) armor.”


Cranberries and Pistachio Pastry

This was a pleasant accidental success.  I was going for escargot chocolat-pistache, cuz I can’t get my recent trip to Paris out of my head, but totally messed it up.  The dough wasn’t moist, I used the wrong type of dough.  But it made for some delicious crispy treats 🙂


Beef Bourguignon

Beef and red wine makes a great pair.  Beef IN red wine?….. now that’s a perfect match. Beef bourguignon is one of the best beef dishes EVER!  What’s even better is that it tastes better the second and/or third day.  I’ve made this stew and froze it in batches for up to 2 weeks.  It’s perfect to make for

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